Tascam DA-6400

Product afbeelding: Tascam DA-6400
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  • Recording media : SSD
  • Power consumption : 21W (At the time of IF-MA64/EX use)
  • Dimensions : 482.6(W) ×44.7(H) ×304.8(D) mm
  • Weight : DA-6400 3.4kg, DA-6400dp 4.0kg
  • Supports recording/playback of 64 channels at 48kHz/24-bit or 32 channels at 96kHz/24-bit PCM
  • AC power redundancy built in (DA-6400dp only)
  • Cascade connection of two units enables playback and recordings of up to 128 channels (supported with V2.10)
  • Playlist and Theater play function (supported with V2.00)
  • 2.5-inch SSD recording media with excellent vibration and environmental resistance as well as maintenance-free operation. (Note: HDD support currently under development)
  • AK-CC25 with TASCAM 240GB SSD drive included with unit
  • Hi-visibility Color LCD (320 × 120 pixels)
  • Two I/O slots for optional audio interface cards
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