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  • Components 2 x 18” (46cm) long excursion neodymium 8 Ohm drivers
  • Height x Width x Depth 750 x 1200 x 750 mm (29 1/2” x 47 1/4” x 29 1/2”)
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Weight: Net 116 kg (256 lbs)
  • Connectors 2 x NL4MP SPEAKON 4 pole (In & Through)
  • Construction Baltic birch ply finish with structured black coating. Dark grey carpet finish also available.
  • Flying points Integral flying system.


  • Frequency Response @-3dB [a] 32 Hz – 80 Hz
  • Usable Range @-6dB [a] 29 Hz – 180 Hz
  • Sensitivity 1W @ 1m [b] 105 dB SPL Nominal
  • Peak SPL @ 1m [b] 145 dB Peak
  • Dispersion [c] Cardioid or supercardioid pattern over the entire useable bandwidth depending on the NX241 Digital
  • TDController set up.(two channels of the NX241 are used for the process).
  • Directivity Index [c] Q=4.3 | DI=6.3 dB and Q=5.3 | DI=7.2 dB over the entire useable bandwidth for respectively cardioid
  • and supercardioid mode.
  • Crossover Frequency 80 Hz active through NX241 Digital TDController.
  • Nominal Impedance 2 x 8 Ohms
  • Recommended Amplifiers 2 amplifier channels are required for cardioid operation, each rated at 1500 to 3000 Watts into 4 ohms
  • per channel. Up to 2 complete CD18s per channel may be connected to a two channels amplifier.


  • Electronic Controller The NX241 Digital TDController presets are precisely matched to the CD18 and include sophisticated
  • protection systems. Using CD18 sub-bass without a properly connected NX241 Digital TDController will
  • result in poor sound quality and can damage components.
  • Speaker Cables The front loudspeaker of the CD18 is wired 2+ & 2- while the rear loudspeaker is wired 1- & 1+. The
  • CD18 must use separate cables to the main system.
  • Rigging System [d] Please refer to the user manual before any operation.


  • Packaging CD18s are packaged individually. Order as CD18-C (finished in grey carpeting) or CD18-P (finished in
  • black structured coating).
  • Shipping Weight & Volume 1x CD18 = 131.5 kg (263 lbs), .98 cu m (34.4 cu ft)
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