DTS Scena Compact FR 300

Product afbeelding: DTS Scena Compact FR 300
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Optical unit
Luminosity: 4.275 Lux / 2 m
Fresnel lens Ø 112mm
Spherical reflector in polished and treated 99.9% aluminium

17° - 75° with precision movement on a double track

GY9,5 for halogen lamps (max 300W)

Extremely compact and lightweight
Steel housing with aluminium edge profiles
Front-box for filterframe and barndoor with locking system
Internal ventilation labyrinth
Removable cover for easy access to lamp
Reversible Yoke for using the projector in any position

Black, White (RAL 9003), Grey (RAL 9006) or other colours on demand

Frontal protection grille (removable)
Heat insulated knobs and handles

Power supply
230V 50/60Hz

2,1 Kg

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