AV Stumpfl SC Master 16/6

Product afbeelding: AV Stumpfl SC Master 16/6
  • Playback of 6/16-channel sound (3x/8x stereo sound)
  • Every stereo output can output time-shifted, independent or even synchronized contents
  • Independent, programmable volume and sound control for every stereo channel
  • Professional balanced audio outputs for all 6/16 channels
  • Allows direct connection of headsets
  • 2 x RS232 interface for integration in media control systems
  • Remote input for direct show start via a keypad
  • Keyboard matrix for up to 16 keys
  • Available input accessories - page 10
  • 2x RS232 outputs freely confi gurable
  • Optional DMX512 output (16 channels) or DALI signal (addressing 16 light groups) or MIDI timecode.DMX512 output can be upgraded to 64 channels
  • Multi-functional DATA I/O for connecting optional extensions
  • SMPTE timecode (25/30 Fps) or DLC data signal output as an alternative
  • Available output accessories - page 10
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