Apex PE-232MKII

Product afbeelding: Apex PE-232MKII

Key features

  • the first ever and still unsurpassed EQ combining full-parametric and graphic equaliser in one device
  • constant-Q design for a real graphic representation by minimising adjacent band interaction
  • DLT-technology for ultra accurate and artefact-less frequency, phase and amplitude response
  • the perfect choice for monitor mix and poor acoustic venues

Available per channel

  • 30-band constant-Q graphic equaliser
  • switch-able boost /cut scale +/- 6dB or +/- 12dB
  • 2 full parametric equaliser with unique "vernier control" for very fine tuning
  • frequency adjustable high-pass filter
  • in/out switches for instant comparison with flat response on each equaliser section except high-pass filter
  • level adjustment from -infinity to +6 dB
  • overload indicator driven by a peak-peak sensing circuit giving overload indication at all critical points of the equaliser circuit

General features

  • power failure bypass relays
  • electronically balanced input and output on XLR
  • earth-lift switch
  • robust mechanical construction
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